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About Us

E-Learning English is a FREE website to help you become a better English speaker. We are a resource to anyone who wants to gain fluency in English and to those who teach English to others.

We believe the best way to improve English fluency is through speaking practice. If you want to travel, attend an English speaking university or work in an international company, speaking English is necessary. To help students achieve their goals we provide good conversation topics so students may have good discussions and debates. Additionally, we have American English Idiom lessons to help students learn to talk like native speakers.

We know speaking and writing should be learned together. Our Teaching Team at E-Learning English has seen the results in our classrooms. When a student learns to write better, they will speak better. To help students improve both speaking and writing we will post good writing topics which have proven successful.

Additionally, every ESL student needs to practice reading comprehension. To help our students, we have added great lessons using articles and other material.

Each week we will post detailed lesson plans for you to use FREE. Sometimes we will add articles from our past students who have been successful in reaching their ESL goals. Also, we reach out to ESL teachers across the world to get their input, which is posted here at E-Learning English.

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