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Reading Lesson Plans 19: Oil Prices Inch Above $93


What is the price per barrel of oil? In this reading lesson for E-learning English, you will read about and discuss oil prices. (Includes vocabulary and discussion questions)


Reading Lesson Plans 19: Oil Prices Inch Above $93


Instructions for using Reading Lesson Plans


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1)   Inch (inCH)-                   Move slowly or carefully.

2)   Look ahead (idiom)–        To anticipate or wait for some action.

3)   Benchmark (benCH-märk)-A standard or reference point.

4)   Mercantile (mərkən-tēl)-  Relating to trade or commerce.

5)   Rhetoric (retərik)-           Persuasive speech.

6)   Fuel (V) (fyooəl)-            Supply or power.

7)   Flashpoint (flaSHpoint)-   A place or event which starts trouble.

8)   Populous (päpyələs)-       Densely populated.

9)   Indication (indiˈkāSHən)- A sign which indicates or relays information.

10) Forecast (fôr-cast)-         To predict.


Questions to Consider


1)   Why does the price of oil matter to you?

2)   Where does the world’s oil come from?

3)   Are oil producing countries stable or unstable? Why?

4)   Does your country produce any oil? How much and where?

5)   Why should we reduce our oil usage? Why does it matter?

6)   Do you think the price of oil will rise or fall this year? Why?


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