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The Best way to Practice English Speaking 5

The Best way to Practice English Speaking

5 – Singing


This may be a bit strange to you, but one of the methods that helped me speak with almost perfect intonation is singing. Although the genre is not a huge importance, rap music is harder to sing than a lyrical piece.


Singing and Accents

Singing is especially helpful since each word/syllable must be enunciated clearly in order for someone to understand. For example, if you were to say “Love is beautiful” you may say the word “beautiful” with an accent. However, if you were to sing a song with the lyrics including the words “Love is beautiful” you would sing it exactly the way the artist sang it in harmony with the melody.


Rhythm and Melody Matter

Why is singing in harmony with the melody important? It is noteworthy because English is not a monotonous language. In other words, when natives speak English they speak with changes in the pitch. Notice, when natives speak a phrase, they speak with accents, spaces and the way they speak the phrases flow.  Secondly, think about the last time you heard a song with lyrics that you could not understand because the singer’s enunciations were unclear. Take any Amy Winehouse song, or Adele’s song pay attention to the lyrics. The way they deliver the lyrics to the listener is phenomenal. Many famous singers spend considerable amounts of time writing down the phonetics of their lyrics in order to ensure that the lyrics are clearly being delivered to the listener. When you sing, try to sing exactly the way the singer sings it. This will make sure that you speak with the clear enunciations the artists designed the lyrics to carry.


Where to Practice

Personally, I came to realize that I am not the greatest singer in the world. However, the great thing about the United States is that occupants are entitled to free speech, which also includes the freedom to sing. I sing in the shower (usually I like to sing Frank Sinatra), in the car (whatever is on the radio), when I’m bored (whatever is on my computer/mp3) or when I do household chores (anything that will get me excited).


Ready for a Challenge?

Also, as a teenage boy, I am subjected to have the ability to rap. Rapping is especially difficult because the rapper has to deliver large amounts of words in a short amount of time with clear pronunciations. I first started singing along to “twinkle twinkle little star” and now I enjoy rapping along with the hottest names in pop culture.


Give it a Try!

Singing helped me speak more clearly and with flow opposed to the rigid styles with which many ESL students are stuck. By no means am I telling you to go join the glee club, but just give it a try. Try singing along to the song on the radio the next time you’re in the car. Maybe my advice can help you, and if not, at least you learned a new song.  



ESL Student in America



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